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Supports LED hot swap 1-10V PUSH 25W LED Dimmer Driver Module with Short Circuit Protection Description:Flicker-free for whole dimming rangeStand-by power below 0.5WPrimary & secondary dimming with push button1...
2018-06-01 18:04:03

ML30C-PV 1x30W PUSH / 1-10V Dimmable LED Driver For LED Panel Light 250 700mA 103x67x22mm Features1,Stand-by power below 0.5W2, ML30C-PV is multi-current supply, selection of output current through DIP switch3, ...
2017-08-03 14:34:20

LED Dimming Driver / Dimming LED Driver 1 - 10V SEMKO Approved Description: 1, Quality press-in type terminals in primary and secondary side, easy to assemble. 2, Multi-output current and voltage is suitable ...
2018-06-01 18:04:01

IP20 Indoor Dali LED Dimming Driver 30 Watt 16 - 58 Vdc Class II Description: Built-in DALI interface. Support Push dimming function. Multi output current 250mA to 700mA selectable via DIP switch. Memory ...
2017-08-03 14:34:20

Supports LED hot swap 30W 1-10V, Push Dimmable LED Driver High Power LED Strip Constant Current Description:5 year warrantyFlicker-free for whole dimming rangeStand-by power below 0.5WPrimary & secondary ...
2018-06-01 18:04:03

Multi Output Current Dimmable 30W LED Driver 1 - 10V For LED Tube Description: 1, Low stand-by power, less than 0.5W. 2, Quick install design for side cover can save more installation cost. Thanks to press-in ...
2018-06-01 18:04:02

LED Strip Dimmable LED Driver 12v 50Hz - 60Hz 1 x 30W for Lighting Description: 1, Output current and output voltage can be set by DIP switches, constant output current range from 250mA to 700mA. Also, the LED ...
2018-06-01 18:04:02

1-10V Dimmable LED Driver 50W PUSH 1050mA , LED Panel Light Driver Description: 1, Press-in type terminal blocks for input and output side, very easy to installation. 2, DIP switch design is for different ...
2018-06-01 18:04:02

50W Mains Dimmable LED Driver 350mA - 1050mA 1-10V Energy Save Description: 1, Stand-by power consumption is only 0.5W, save more energy. 2, No screws deign for housing, quick and easy installation can save ...
2018-06-01 18:04:02

Constant Voltage Dimmable LED Driver 1-10V Multi Output Current , IP20 Description: 1, Multi-output can be selectable via DIP switch. Output current: 350mA to 1050mA, output voltage:12Vdc and 24Vdc. 2, Dimmable ...
2018-06-01 18:04:02
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